I enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and connect with audiences on a variety of topics. I have presented at conferences, schools and staff retreats. Some popular themes for presentations include the following:


Mindfulness workshops involve teaching both the philosophy behind mindfulness as well as the fundamental practices, such as deep breathing, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. Participants break into small groups and practice the skills together to ensure they leave ready to implement mindfulness into their day to day life.

Examples of audiences who benefit from learning more about Mindfulness:

  • Parents interested in helping themselves and their children to live more in the moment and cope effectively with stress and anxiety.
  • Teachers open to incorporating new strategies into their classrooms, to increase resilience among their students and improve student behaviour and emotion regulation.
  • Staff within organizations striving to increase wellness and prevent burnout.

Helping Children to Cope with Intense Emotions

This workshop is geared towards teaching parents how to respond to children who are sensitive, anxious, easily frustrated or displaying challenging behaviours. This approach of coaching children through difficult emotions helps them to cope effectively and also models for them how to respond to others with compassion. Participants will learn how to respond effectively to their children through the use of the following therapeutic skills:

  • active listening
  • empathy
  • “mirroring”

This workshop is designed to empower parents and inspire them to strengthen family relationships.


With a background in palliative care at CHEO and years of experience supporting bereaved parents, children and spouses, I am available to help audiences understand grief and normalize complex reactions to loss.

My workshops can be educational in nature, to provide information about the grief process. They can also be supportive, to help those coping with loss and needing a safe environment to better understand their emotional reactions and explore ways of coping.

In my office setting at CAFCO, I also periodically offer workshops for children who have experienced the death of a parent, which brings them together for peer support and helps them feel less isolated in the experience of grief.

FRIENDS for Life Group

As a trained facilitator for this popular, evidence-based program, I work with small groups of children to build emotional resiliency. Children age 7-11 learn new tools and strategies, using Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness strategies, which can reduce anxiety, build confidence and help children to cope more effectively with challenges. Children practice new skills in group, with each other, and at home, involving their family members.

Children response very positively to the dynamic and fun activities during group. They also benefit from modelling skills for each other and then for their family members at home. This popular program runs several times per year at CAFCO. It is also implemented in some area schools and other community organizations. If you are interested in bringing this program to your setting, you are welcome to contact me to discuss possibilities.