Summer Workshop for Parents

Summer Workshop for Parents of Tweens and Teens: Learn strategies to support their mental health (and feel better yourself, too!)

Do you wish you could start the next school with less parenting stress?

Are you longing for less conflict and more connection with your child?

Are you hoping to see your tween/ teen cope more effectively with their intense emotions?

This workshop may be the right support for you, if:

• Your tween or teen has anxiety or depression, and you want to find a different way to support them.

• You are parenting a highly sensitive child, or a “super-feeler”, which results in difficulties regulating feelings and behaviour.

• Your tween/ teen has been to therapy, but they are still struggling, so you wonder if there is more you could do to help them.

• You have suggested therapy for your child but they refuse to go.

• You are curious and open to exploring how YOU can lead the way to create positive changes in your family.

This two part workshop is all about teaching parents therapeutic techniques, or “advanced caregiver skills.”

These strategies are based on an approach called “Emotion Focused Family Therapy” (EFFT). There are two main therapeutic skills we will focus on during this workshop, which give overwhelmed parents a strong grounding in how to parent with compassion and confidence:

1) Emotion Coaching:

• This therapeutic technique helps parents to validate their child’s emotions, encouraging youth to face and process intense emotions.
• When children (of any age) receive effective emotion coaching from their parent, they experience a reduced need to turn to less healthy coping mechanisms.
• Learn how to emotion coach stressful situations, such as your child being angry with you, or expressing hopelessness.

2) Behaviour Coaching:
• Learn how to maintain limits and set clear expectations in your parent-child relationship, but with healthy, strong leadership that still allows for flexibility, calm and compassion.
• Identify specific behaviour changes in your tween/teen that you wish to work towards, such as improved sleep or decreased use of screen time to cope.
• We will focus specifically on behavioural changes that are connected to emotional well-being.
• Learn the steps to help your child make those changes, without resorting to punishments or rewards.

My goal is for parents to push away all the mixed messaging about parenting and discover a balanced, research-backed approach that is effective and increases close connection in family relationships.

What is provided in this workshop:

• PDF guide about emotion coaching
• Short videos summarizing the most important aspects of the sessions so you can re-watch or catch up if you miss part of a workshop (or wish to share the information with your spouse)/ co-parent).
• A PDF booklet containing 10 “scripts”, which gives you the exact words to use in stressful parenting situations. You can come back to this repeatedly to guide you when faced with challenges.
• Peer support: There is no pressure to share, but pauses will allow for discussion and working together to collaborate about interventions.
• The building of new, advanced therapeutic skills, based on research and proven to help youth with recovery, reduce parenting stress, and increase parental empowerment.


This workshops runs over Zoom for two half days.

August 9, 2024, from 9am to 12pm, EST
August 16, 2024, from 9am to 12pm, EST.


$250 per session.
Total: $500
* If you have coverage through your benefits plan (Ex: Canada Life, OTIP) for “Social Work Services”, and you live in Ontario, you can submit the receipts for reimbursement. Please check with your specific plan to confirm details of coverage.*

This workshop provides the equivalent of six individual therapy sessions in terms of content covered, at a lower cost and over just two weeks. This provides a savings of both time and money, compared to individual therapy, to kick off your journey to feeling more grounded emotionally as a parent, and equipped with new therapeutic skills. It also has the benefit of being with peers and having your experience as a parent normalized.

Deadline to register: July 17, 2024

Please email me to confirm your interest, and I will guide you through the registration process.
[email protected]

I am also available for a free 15 minute consultation call to determine if this is the right fit for you and suggest other options to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!