Grief Therapy

Have you experienced a loss? At this moment, it may be hard to believe anyone could help you with the deep pain you feel.

It is true there is no “quick fix” for grief.

However, it is possible to experience healing and learn to live with the loss of your loved one. You can find happiness in life again, even if you are forever changed by this experience.

Many people find that, despite having personal support from family and friends, they are struggling to cope. You may have complex emotions that are difficult to share with others, such as guilt or anger, or you may feel you need to be “strong” and not show those close to you the depth of your pain. Perhaps, you are noticing that you are more anxious and the worry is taking over your life.

Grief therapy can provide you with a safe place to explore your reactions to your loss, with someone who is neutral and focussed on your needs. I can help you develop coping strategies, find meaning in your loss and honour the memory of your loved one.

During grief therapy, it is common that other pre-existing troubles such as history of depression or anxiety or relationship difficulties, become more challenging to cope with. We will address these issues as well to help build your emotional resilience and move towards hope and healing.

I have extensive experience supporting bereaved parents. There is no taking away the pain of a grieving parent, but I am here to walk alongside you and create a safe place to start healing. I will never impose a timeline for your grief.

I work with many children who have experienced loss, including children grieving complicated, traumatic losses, such as the sudden death of a parent due to suicide or addictions. I provide children with opportunities to express themselves through games, play, art and writing. Grief therapy provides children with a nurturing environment to share their thoughts and feelings about their loved one. I help children to plan for special days, such as birthdays and holidays, so they can find meaningful ways to remember and honour the person who died. Another focus of grief therapy with children is strengthening their self-esteem and confidence, which can be sometimes be affected by grief.

During our time together, your loss will be validated and you will be heard.

"Mourning is expressing your grief, letting it out somehow. You mourn when you cry, talk about it, write about it, punch a pillow. Everyone grieves inside. But only people who mourn really heal and move on to live and love fully again."

- Alan Wolfelt