Individual Therapy
for Children & Teenagers

if your child is having difficulty - with their emotions, behaviour or relationships - therapy can help them to understand their struggles differently and learn new coping strategies.

Children and teens are still experiencing rapid development emotionally and intellectually, so there is a wonderful opportunity to continue to shape their views - of themselves, of their relationships and their place in the world - in a positive way.

Concerns I often address with individual counselling:

  • difficulty regulating emotions
  • anxiety and stress
  • abuse and trauma
  • refusal to attend school
  • adjusting to changes such as parents’ divorce, a move, loss of a relationship
  • peer conflict
  • lack of self-confidence
  • grief

My approach with children and teens is to develop a strong connection and trust, which makes the process of therapy positive for them. I love hearing from parents that their kids can’t wait for their next therapy appointment! This allows us to successfully accomplish some challenging work together.

I have been trained in a program called “FRIENDS for Life” which helps children build emotional resiliency and prevent anxiety. I often incorporate activities from this program, which teach valuable skills to children and help them to decrease anxiety and build confidence.

Each child is different and therefore my approach varies with each youth who comes into my office, in order to create the right fit and meet their needs. However, my overarching philosophy is that children want to do well. If they are struggling, there is something getting in the way. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out exactly what is getting in the way and then working through those obstacles together, as a team to create meaningful change.

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos."

  - L.R. Knost